A crack in a cube..

Hi guys,
I’ve been busy but would like to try blender again…
On a forum i saw a simple tutorial, but it’s for 3ds max, I thought… would this also be possible in Blender?
Take a look at this:
The second image makes the crack in the cube, but is this possible in blender? In max it’s called ‘cut’, the only thing i found in blender was was rip… but it didn’t do what i wanted…

Is this possible?

Greetings, Olivier!

the knife tool can do the “cut” part… the rest of it looks like a displacement map

looks like you found my distraction for this morning… that is unless I find another.

morning, what morning… i’m going to bed right now :P… but i’ll try the knife tool!

sorry, i’m not that formiliar with the knife tool… how do i use it?
select all the vertices?
press k for knife and the ‘Knife (exact)’
then draw a random line…
but then i get this:

what should i do next?

I saw the post on GOT too and had a crack at it today in Blender.
The result wasn’t quite the same but it came close.
I didn’t save the blend-file (sorry) but got there by using a combination of the knife tool and the discombobulator script afterwards.
I’ll try to put up a blend file/tut tomorrow.

I’m ZipoBibrok5-108 at GOT by the way.

i’m not so active on GOT… but i have the same nick :)…

I saw this topic last night and decided to try modeling a cracked box, traditional box would be nice for first post also. :slight_smile:

Basically I just subdivided box few times, made hole, filled sides and added musgrave bump-map to inside.

…some wires…
and http://www.saunalahti.fi/pauahone/image/pictures/brackbox2.blend

that looks like “knife tool (exact)” (K-key), select the edges of one half, and split (Y-key).

You would have to fill in the 18 faces along the rough side of cube (9 faces each side, selct opposing edge, F-key)

then W “subdivide multi fractal” two or three times.

Why not just make a square, subdivide multi, use random displacements on the verts, duplicate, rotate one of the two copies a bit, then finally build the rest of the half cubes?


  1. add a plane in top view (z-axis perpendicular to plane)
  2. subdivide 5 times
  3. add a cloud texture and press noise 5 or 6 times (see the docs)
  4. rotate the plane 90 degrees and duplicate it in object mode
  5. move one copy out of the way (use ctrl so you can move it back)
  6. enter edit mode and select non-manifold – extrude to form the cube half, scale flat and shift-f to fill in the end.
  7. use a lattice to distort.
  8. do 6 and 7 for the other half and move it back in place
  9. join the 2 meshes, remove doubles and recalc normals.
  10. smooth, auto-smooth 45 degrees.
  11. takes much longer to explain than do.