A creature of some sort... hmmmm....

Okay, so this is my first topic at this forum. I started 3D less than a week ago, but I think I’m getting the hang of it. Basically, this is for a game I’m producing with a team called Project Aqua (name of game is doomed to change). We had a concept drawing from one of our artists, check it out:

Click here!

After a few days of 3D practice, I gave one of those creatures a shot, and cooked this up:


Then just yesterday, I started learning how to skin, though I barely know how to do good skins, I played around with it (yes its bad, and I know that the textures don’t work ;)), and I got this:


Yeah, I made the eyes too right before skinning practice.

Anyways, I’d like some C&C (comment/criticism). Does anyone have any good tutorials for skins and water effects? Or even landscape effects and whatnot? That’d be SO helpful.

On a side note, anyone who wants to check out our game can see our website at http://projectaqua.pixelsage.com . If you want to join and help with the 3D, that’d be awesome!

Thanks everyone!

Creature’s pretty cool. You’re a fast learner! Or at least I’m a slow one. :wink:

Don’t know any tutorials for you though . . .

looks a little like a greasle from deus ex. i dont know, just make the front legs wings with hands (like a pteradactal) and youve got a greasel.

looks good.

Looks nice certainly better than my models, you could add more detail to the eyes.

There’s a pretty good water tutorial here. Can’t help you with the skin, though; don’t know what kind you want.

You might want to enable Nor in the Map To panel of the ground material. That would probably improve the ground a lot. Model looks great!