A creature

Basically I was thinking of combining a spiders legs with some kind of worm thing. The legs were box modeled and the body was a cylider which I sculpted. The legs have yet to be attached because I dont know what the body will look like when Iam finished. I got a question on scuplting, the cylider is subsurfed to a level 2 , I wanted to add scratches to it so naturally I imported a texture but the model seems to refuse to add little details. So I thought maybe the textures weren’t working and I made a cube and subsurfed it 4 times and it was able to apply little scratches like I wanted. But the cylider refuses to add the details I want; now I heard to do this it’s better to just add multires which supposedly can make high detail models. My question to you guys is If I want to add those details to my model do I apply the subsurf then apply a multires so I can scuplt with finer detail? Thanks for reading and the head isn’t done (obviously):eyebrowlift:


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Perhaps I did something wrong if I did examine it please and tell me, here is the .blend


creature.blend (191 KB)