A cube + a sphere + volumetrics + nodes = epic (updated blend!)

If you can’t tell from my title, I was experimenting with volumetrics and I figured out how to make a decent looking sun using a cube, a sphere and a lot of compositing. Here you go…

I made another picture using the same basic process, scroll down to see my fire tornado and to download my .blend file!

Very nice. You should add planets in the background.

Wow, looks awesome.

wow! well done! could u post some screen sots of your composeting, material settings, textures and anything else you used? (if you dont mind) this is very interesting :slight_smile:

That does look pretty good!

Thanks for all the comments, there are a lot more than I expected. Because natholas asked here are some screenshots that should hopefully show how I did this.

This is my setup, the spheres aren’t actually rendered (they’re on a separate layer) they just supply the vertices to make the volumetric material around.

This is the one texture applied to the cube, it uses the vertices of the spheres to add volumetric material with turbulence. I just used the default material settings for volumetrics.

Here is my node setup, it’s extremely convoluted and messy. But you can see what I started with in the background.

Here is a simplified and organized version of my node setup. Doesn’t look nearly as good but it gives you a better idea of what I did.

This is the link to the higher res version of my node tree…

Thanks for the replies, and keep on commenting

what’s really epic here is the nodes map… :smiley:

Yeah it’s pretty crazy, if you can give me any tips on how to clean things up, or if I can simplify anything, please tell me.

Using the same setup with particles and effectors I made this.

This is pretty awesome, thank you for sharing your process.

Nice, care yo post your BLEND file?

This link should work http://sites.google.com/site/nickclawportfolio/downloads/Sun2.blend?attredirects=0&d=1

I started the whole thing over and (hopefully) made everything simpler. If you have any questions tell me.

PS: If that download link doesn’t work download it from here, http://sites.google.com/site/nickclawportfolio/downloads it is called “Sun2.blend”.

Very epic sun, but that is an even epic-er node map. How many hours did this take?

The texture scale is way to high and should be dropped down as it shrinks the model by making it look very little detailed. Also the fading into the space seems to detract from it as well…it should have much sharper edges, and the fading should be on a small scale.
Not a bad sun though. :wink: now make it purple?

thanks for sharing :slight_smile: i knew it wasent very simple but thats pretty clever the way you achieved that result!
i had a go myself making a simpler version… not that easy :stuck_out_tongue: here is what i came up with

Not to long, about an hour to get the basic picture, then another hour to finish it all up. The funny thing is that I took longer trying to recreate it for the .blend then it took me to make it.

[QUOTE=natholas;]thanks for sharing i knew it wasent very simple but thats pretty clever the way you achieved that result!
i had a go myself making a simpler version… not that easy :stuck_out_tongue: here is what i came up with[/QUOTE]

That looks pretty good, and a lot easier. You should try to fix the blur though, unless that is what you were going for.

that was just a quick try… i spent about 10 mins on that and got fed up with perfecting it cos i need to work on other projects… but ye the blur/glow needs to be turned down allot!