A Cube

Took me like 3 hours to model, hope you like it

Edit: NoeOM requested a monkey. So I made this photo-realistic render.


Good joke :slight_smile:

Wonderful. I really like the edges and the lighting. =P

Remarkable perpendicularity on all edges. Good job!

You also got a blue background really similar to the default one.

You have good eye for both colours and geometry.

I challenge you to model something more complex, ie. a monkey head.

Keep up the good work!

Edited: Howker, I was expecting something more like Suzzane, but not bad, not bad… keep trying.

hmmmm… but can you model a teapot?

Well this made me laugh :smiley:

I modelled the teapot for phish, along with a nice cow.

Both are original creations, of course. I plan to promote them to the first line of the CG industry.

Of course, always after we have seen the ascend of The Cube and The Monkey, which I don’t want to steal attention from.

Hope you enjoy it. Comments are welcome.


very good but there was an old blender image called “cube with interesting lights” is more better

what is your render time? your machine?
do you use raytrace or the new features of 2.5?


people must have no time if they waste it posting things like this?

how about a Buddha, or a Bunny? xD

Tutorial please.

I’m just curious about what the monkey’s looking at…

The monkey is actually using Blender with Microsoft’s Project Natal as input device You can see her controlling the rotation manipulator with her hands, the translate manipulator with her feet and the scale manipulator with her mouth.

Modelled in 3dsMax, rendered with Blender.

+1 for tutorial and 5*

whats the poly count for the cube?
it looks like a pretty high poly count for that, my machine wouldn’t beable to render that.
Did you use a render farm to render that?

man that is the best model I have seen in a long time the poly count is so low a nd it is 3 dimantional the textures r the best perfect in every way it even runs in glsl materials and its realy smoothe the it accepts light so well and it runs realy smoothe in game engine it just sits there if I could do that in three hours I would be a pro there would be know one that could mach those skills everyone would be jealous

12 if it is in a game engine

wireframe please

The rig must be awsome! Can we see the UVs? And where did you get your refs?