A cup of coffee.

Just something i did today, quite liked it so i thought id post it. comments and crits greatly appreciated. cheers.


“A cup of coffee”. LOL I like jokes like that. See I was expecting liquid coffee, not the beans… :smiley:

The whole composition of the scene is great! Nice blur on those falling beans. And the beans themselves, like what can I say…they look real! I really like the saucer too. Sort of a strange design…but that’s a good strange if you know what I mean.

Good job!

cheers for your comment, i had a quick laugh to myself when i was working on the concept :slight_smile:

cool! i like the motion blur… was that done with blender? only the bean most in front seems to be floating…

hey, thanks. and yer the motion blur was done in blender, just made a quick physics simulation and then used the vector blur node.