A custom 2d filter to achieve this?

Hello everyone!

I want to write a custom 2d filter to achieve the look as on these images used to represent this model: http://www.blendswap.com/blends/view/76301

I want to create a model, paint it with one color and the rest will be done by the filter. I guess to achieve such look, hue or saturation values needs to be adjusted accordingly. This filter will help me in number of ways. Firstly, it’s appealing to me as an art style perspective. Second, I’m colorblinded and this will make my job easier because I do not think I can come up with texturing that fits in any artistic manner. Third, with non-smoothed(is this a word?) edges, it will make it look cartoony, which my goal is. And also, less polygon means better performance right?:slight_smile:

I need guidance and help to create such a filter in a way looked as those pictures. Although, not quite as those pictures because as far as I can see, there is no filter on those pictures but they represent something very similar vision to what I’d like. Little help please?

Have you explored using the ‘toon’ material shader?


In fact, have you downloaded that .blend file and just looked at how they have the materials setup?

It looks like fresnel diffuse, and, maybe, toon specular… It doesn’t look like 2D filter…

I wasn’t even aware of that there is a shader called toon shader. But I must say while I was trying to play with it after reading your reply, shader didn’t quite worked as I wanted because the color passes were not sharp. It’s somewhat pixelated on the edges. It might be simply my fault that I wasn’t able to apply it reasonably well. Also I did download the blend file but I couldn’t figure out the method honestly. I’m pretty new to blender, that may be the reason.

Alright then… It’s not possible via 2D filter. That’s bad news. I’ll try to make it work with other methods.

Thank you all!