A cycles question from a starter

Hi to anyone reading.

Im starting to use cycles, it has been a lot of brain pain atm since i have never used nodes to composite textures.

What im trying to do is something you would do on photoshop pretty easily: combine canvas with different blend modes.


I want to emulate dirt over a wall without using external maps, just procedurals. The process would be like the following on the image, blend the clouds with different blend modes over the default diffuse color ( I have been using the node MIX to do this but i just cant get it to work)

any help will be much appreciated.

use the color->mix node, it has all those blending nodes, some might be slightly different from what you’re used to from photoshop though i think.

yes you are right about that.

Well i managed how to solve it tho the solution wasnt what I wanted. Added some color ramps and started to mess around with the black and white levels.

Don’t know if this will help, but when I was first messing around with textures I was trying to plug them directly into shader slots, like they were materials. Then I realized that they can used as the factor to mix two different materials. Both of these setups with a little tweaking could become your dirty wall. You can use other nodes to scale the intensity of the mix, or you can mix the first mix back with your default diffuse which is basically like changing the opacity of the texture. (The 2nd setup mixes 50% back to diffuse) If that made any sense.

yea i walked around those configs, the first one i like it a lot.

Ty about the feedback now im pleased at some point :smiley: