A cycles safe - no more, no less

Thought I’d try myself on a modelling exercise, and created this model of a safe below.

Click the image for highres.


(Original image for consistency: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/14243021/Artwork/2012-01-30%20-%20Safe/TheSafe_old_1st.jpg)

Around 2-3000 samples, rendered in Cycles for about twelve minutes.

I would appreciate feedback and/or criticism. :smiley:

For thumbnail:

I like it, good job.

The only criticism, if indeed that’s what it is, is that the gap round the door is a little rounded. The edges of safes I’ve seen have all been very sharp, but those were old so maybe they’ve changed?:slight_smile:

But what you have is convincing and, strangely, appealing.

2k samples in so short a time is very good at theat resolution - CUDA?

Wish ati cards were similarly paced; my i7 is about the same, perhaps even faster. And the card itself is 6950 2gig memory.

Is it intended to be non realistic or realistic?

@Writer’s Block
Thanks for pointing that out, it really looks better and much more secure without the huge gaps in the door, I’ve updated the first post with a new render. :slight_smile:

You’re correct, I used the GPU with CUDA, it rendered at around 3 samples per second, or 100 samples in 32 s. But I think the simplicity of the scene really helps. You seem to have a beast at your disposal, my cpu renders at perhaps half or maybe even down to a fourth the speed of the gpu! :stuck_out_tongue:

I’d say non-realistic. I didn’t follow any reference of any real safe models and have not added textures or other imperfections as is apparent of the image. Basically I aimed on not spending too much time modelling, creating a polished render such as the stock photos you find around the web that are used for articles and the like. :slight_smile:

Agree, much better; In fact, just about perfect, or a close facsimile.

As I’ve said it looks convincing; I like the way it squats atop the pedastal/pyramid, ready to receive homage from worshippers…

Or perhaps just cash donations. :smiley:

Haha, I know I’d love some donations my way. :smiley: