A D&D Knight

i’ve open a book on D&D at a friend’s house, and i saw this nice looking night, i’ve started modeling it and this is after 2 hours more or less.


the scan ref picture. -->

C&C are wellcome, i’ll try to scan the picture from the book, the have a good refernce for C&C.

P.S. wires will come later on.

I like the Helmet. The Shoulderpart looks good but the Spikes need a little adjustment (but i`m shure you are allready aware of that).

The rivets on the shoulder pads will look better if you made them a seperate mesh.

i’ve working on a chain mail for this knight, here is the progress so far…

with DupliVerts chainlinks, why to much geomtrey and a rander of 1 min for each frame.


with a normal map that was easeliy made with blender, and a render time of 12 sec for a frame(the smaller one is with AO, and a longer render time).

keep on with a C&C…


If you look carefully there is no sleevey thing for his right arm

thx you anthony, but my work is not exactly a replica of the picture,i’m just training on my skills and trying to find soultions to my problems, like the chainmail on, now i’m working of a scales armor.

For the scale armor you could probably use a normal map and alpha map to fake the space and bumps between them.

Why not? All your saying is “I want to find the easy way” I think for the sake of learning and for the sake of doing something diffrent for a change you SHOULD try and model the picture. How will you get better if you stay at your level forever. Why not take those steps now to learn.

Just my opinion really, but these things are what makes a GREAT model stand out from a so-so model, I see you have potential to be good, thats why I decided to post. I cant wait to see more of this guy.

great chainmail. it would take me hours to build one like this.
cuting wire bending, soldering, cleaning up ahaha

i like the your approach. looks good sofar but you need to be
aware about one thing.

subdivs are great to smooth out but it smoothes everything.
and a amour like this one has many hard edges and small details.

for example the spikes just do not flow directly into the metal plates.
they have small rings like bezzels setting around them.
also the metal shells around the shoulder have round and sharp edges.
you might want to create the basic plate use subdivs and model in all
those harder egdes with loops.

also those type of armours are based on insect bodies which means that they
do not have such round edges going down the arm. in your model incase they would lift up his arm the armour plates would block each other.

the image is a very good reference and it gives you all needed info.
those armour rings are nothing else that flat sheets of metal wich will be bend around one axis only and the pointy tip might be bended upwards.

i did that for my silver ring i made for my ring finger.


love the chainmail.

is it alright if I use the reference pic?

it’s allright to use it, as you can see it’s from a book, i will be more then gladd if some else will model it too, it will give me ideas, feel free to post here your work too (I won’t say your’e hijacking my theard)

Yes, i’m imporving my workflow, and for that i need to find the easy and the quickest way of doing stuff, i was reffering to the chainmail way of making, and want my work to be my own, so using this ref. picture, was just to spark that lighted my thought, in the end i’m blendering for fun.

First of all, let my say i’m admiring your work, realism is shown in all your work, and it’s an honor you’re post in my theard (enough flattring :expressionless: )
you’re right about the details, i didn’t work them out yet, it’s quite scathy, and my work flow was use a base human form body, and placing stuff on is, and actully using the basic geomatry of the basic human(like taking pieces of the the model and them working with them), so the overoll shape will be more guided and to my pleasing.

Sorry to disapoint you all, but it’s seams that this week i will be starting to work in a real job, and i don’t know how much time i’ll have for blendering.

keep with C&C, it’s really helpful.


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first, amazing work :slight_smile:

second, i also work with chainmail, but when i try to animate it (well the mesh that the ring is dupliverted to) the rings don’t follow along, what i mean - lets say i have a sheet of chainmail, when the plane is bend, one would expect the rings to bend with it, they do, except not their rotation, instead they turn sideways or do spins and just come out horrible.

can u maybe point me on a direction how to ge tthe rings to align correctly?

(if you want i can send u my test blend file)

wierd…my second post was posted before my first post lol