"A.D.O.M." Making of a short film


(mathiasA) #21

Looking good so far! I like the way you are progressing on this project!

(Tea_Monster) #22

Looks amazing! Thanks for sharing.

(GarageFarm.NET) #23

I love the retro tech concept.
The robot seems to be very “Next Gen” styled.
But then again we haven’t gone visually very far since “Tron” :slight_smile:

Keep up the good work
Jarek D(DJ)


Hey this looks really good! The robot looks really cute and that hallway looks very slick :ok_hand:

(Stephane Issaurat) #25

Nice ! It reminds me a bit the robots of the film Next Gen :slight_smile:

(hoverBOX Creative) #26

Progress has been slow. I’m still chugging away at it.
I’m working on some animation tests.

(hoverBOX Creative) #27

Working on the new interior environment.

(hoverBOX Creative) #28

(hoverBOX Creative) #29

Working on some character designs for the other character in the film.

(hoverBOX Creative) #30

WIP of the model

(hoverBOX Creative) #31

I just finished UV unwrapping the character. On to texturing next.

(hoverBOX Creative) #32

I’ve been able to make some great progress this week. Getting close to finishing the texturing for the main location.

(hoverBOX Creative) #34

This week I was also able to finish texturing and rigging the human character for the project. Weight painting the face was my biggest hurdle on that.

(hoverBOX Creative) #35

I’m having a difficult time getting the lamp shade to be translucent like it should be. The light that’s there now is just a couple of external area lights.


Looking really great! Have you tried using a transparency node?