A dark corner

Hi everybody, I’ve been lurking for a few days and finally decided to register. I’m fairly new to working with Blender and don’t spend nearly as much time with it as I would like to. And being german, I sometimes have some trouble understandig the Blender vocabulary. I’m now ploughing my way through the online manuals and the wiki but I’m sure I’ll have many questions to ask before I can say I “know” the programme.

Ok, to cut things short: I created this picture yesterday and would like to hear some criticism. Sadly, I can’t get to the corrections right now cause five minutes after finishing the job, my PC caused a power outage in the house and died. But I’d still like to hear your opinions so I can make the changes when the beast is back.


bin auch deutsch :smiley:

I really like the idea and the feeling of the scene, but some things can be improved:

  1. Where is the light from the right coming from? a flash light? a car head light?

  2. To get that weird shading on the cylinders away, switch to “edit mode” and press Ctrl+N (recalculate normals)

  3. The texture on the wall is too flat. One way to help change that is to turn on “Nor” in the texture’s “map to” panel.

Hi BonE,

hallo! :slight_smile: The light on the right is supposed to come from a flashlight, as in “Look what I discovered, it’s a scandal”. I spent at least one hour trying to get it right and am still not too convinced.

  1. Ctrl-N, okay.

  2. Will do. :slight_smile:

Thanks for commenting!

looks great :slight_smile: but you might want to change the scene a little so it makes more sense… set the setting in a dark corner of a warehouse, with a barred window near the top of the back wall above the oil, and have that be your light source.

Thanks! You mean instead of the flashlight or of the street lamp? I was thinking about making a window - might have done it if my PC hadn’t crashed.

yes instead of those light sources… so instead of pretending people found it just have it be put in a secluded dark corner of a warehouse with a window above sending a narrow beam of light down on the oil… I have a good texture for old warehouse walls too if you need.

Yes, I’d gladly try it. Thank you! Where can I download it?

sorry it took so long to get back to you… and I apologize for the sloppy website too lol just drag the textures at this website onto your computer.

Good start. I think the oil almost moves when you stare at it.
I would work on the modeling of the barrels though.

You can try this texture if you want. You may need to manipulate it a bit in an image editor.


I hope everyone had a nice Christmas! I bought a new power supply and got my PC back up running, so here’s the update. I battled Blender lighting all day yesterday and am not sure I won. But I think this is as far as I can get with this picture. Thank you for your help!

lipton_lover and FloorPlay, thanks for the textures (though I didn’t use them after all).


Well i must admit im a bit disapointed you didn’t even try my texture. I thought it would of looked good for your type of scene. The scene as such is too dark for my liking. Contradicting the title maybe? Looks betterm but could be alot better. Maybe someonelese can shed some light. Pun intended.

Sorry FloorPlay but I did try it, it just didn’t work for the walls. As for the light, I have no idea what else to do. I tried all kinds of light but nothing looked right. Maybe I should reserve the night scenes for the time when I’m not a total noob anymore. :slight_smile: