A day at the B.E.A.C.H.

Hey, I got this idea for a new project… a nightmarish future where instead of beaches people have these awful resort areas… here a concept paint (done in MyPaint and Gimp if you care about it):


And here more sketches and absurd explanations…

Now time for modeling and texturing… weeeeeeeeeeee :eyebrowlift:

Hey malefico! Again, nice concept… (nice?) i mean… i don’t wanna end up there on future vacations. Waiting to see the progress! :wink:


I’m speechless, I’m without speech!
Why are you even using Blender???
Your drawing skills are awesome! A couple of details is what you should add. Nothing more…

Good Luck!

Fort Ash

Haha, I like the concept, curious to see how it turns out. :slight_smile:

Traffic lights - occupied, but its yellow? From perspective the position of the ladder looks a lithle confusing err kinda M.C. Escher style. Is it a valley? As there is a vison of a rock wall at the left besides the obvious on the right.

Hey thanks guys !

@fort ash: hahaha you see now why I use blender, my painting is too confusing ! thanks for the huge compliments :o
@lexi: yup, a red light would have make more sense… but who knows what that light stands for anyway… and the rocks are actually huuuuuge buildings, the thing down in the “valley” is supposed to be water, so it could be like these are the shores of a river or just artificial islands in the sea… who knows…:eyebrowlift:
@meschoyez & PaulR… yeah let’s see how it turns out…:cool:

Really interesting concept, can’t wait to see wait is gonna come out of this.

In my opinion the concept right now looks a little too happy, the contrast between the polluted, grey, dark city and the “beaches” should be little more brought out, to make it more of a, “wow, how can you call that a beach” or something. But it is a concept for yourself, and I’m sure the result will be amazing.

Good luck.

I like it! It’s a great concept, how will you do the sand though? Seeing as it will be flowing off of the platforms.

Nice! I actually though the buildings in the left corner were nuclear powerplant cooling towers and some other factories. Cant wait for the blender render!

I like the idea. I think it’ll be very interesting. For a little more depth it seems like the sort of thing someone would originally try to make elegant. So II think that maybe it could have some seriously corroded bits of flourish. like a pretty accent which now would be nothing more than a dangerous object to cut or stab yourself on.
Good luck with your dystopian utopia.