A Day In The Life Of A Tree (short film)

I really like the stylization of the short. The only thing I’d change a bit would the the thickness of the buildings. I haven’t missed textures or detail at all. The camera moves go well with the theme.

Two thumbs up.

Thanks for all your kind feedback and encouragement!

Here are the details of the festival screening:

Venue: UGC Shaftesbury Avenue, London, UK
Date: Friday, October 5th, 2004
Time: 5pm

Tickets available here: http://www.raindance.co.uk

It’s being shown as part of a programme of other short animations.

That was awesome!
I do agree that the leaves could be given a better look though.
Maybe leave them with the same texture but add some shape ?
Great job though!

Wow. Just wow. Lighting is beautiful, the mood is perfect. Works of art like this don’t need good modeling.

dude, I loved that movie. it was just the simplicity of the song and models was just awesome. it blended perfect.
thatnks for the film!

I’ve got a simple suggestion to make the animation much smaller in file-size ( if you’re thinking of keeping it available on internet, of course).

40 Mb is a huge size, and after downloading I noticed you used black beams to make the animation look like wide screen on a normal screen. But these black beams are rendered too and use many unneeded Mb.

If you would render the animation without these black beams the animation would be much smaller in file-size...


Great movie. Great song.
Nice light, nice buildings.
simple modeling.

should be shown on MTV :wink:

Great work. Love the fox effects, the song, everything. tells a good story.

To smooth all the branches, edit it, select all vertices, and click the set smooth button

maybe add windows to the buildings to make it clearer they are buildings

leave everything the way it is. Very symbolic. Well done Very well done Suzanne awards??? :wink:

o wow. this is one of the best shorts i’ve seen. mainly because of the emotion it gives. the music really gives it. very simple love the cameral moves. although the tree needed some modeling work it worked. just awsome :slight_smile:

:smiley: Wow, I really loved this movie short. Did you sing that yourself? It really brought out the emotion of a tree alone. This short movie was greatly executed, but like what the others said the tree does need a little more work. A little bit more details on it would have made this film perfect.

Jason Lin