A day in the park

Some experimental abstract thingey.

C&C is welcome
(don’t ask me why i called it ‘a day in the park’. I don’t know either.)

It is not very Abstract, bah !

I think that is not a good picture.

Why did you call it ‘a day in the park’?

Sorry, couldn’t resist. Strange thing, whatever it is :slight_smile:

looks like you were going to make a rose and gave up :slight_smile:

Okay, point taken, how about this:

Cool reflection effect:)
It looks a bit like several circular tables with chairs round them…

It is not very Abstract, bah !

Of course it’s not! I’ve got two of those things flying around in in my house! Why on earth would a floating cube with roses/tables sticking out of it be considered ‘abstract’?!?
Some people!:rolleyes:

BTW, that was sarcasm.