A days work in the Swamp

I need some strong feed back on color and what sucks about this. Let me have it but please try and be helpful.

I like the lower, color and sharpness. But I think it would work with a lot of color settings. Add mist on background shore to separate it from bridge. Desaturate the boat. There cant be “white” x plank if the rest is black/dark :wink: Can you darken water around pillars, it looks to bright there. Flip/mirror bird to right. Thats what I think

I’ve always liked silhouette scenes, the top one reminds of a game called Limbo that I enjoy playing if I need some relaxing time. I really have no preference over the black and white and color, though, but maybe add more trees, similar to the main one, receding in space and also maybe a foreground element like a plant or something. I think this will give it more depth and become more engaging for the viewer, just my two cents :smiley:


really nice picture so far!

Depending on what you like to express, you could follow GJAnders ideas, or you could try:
put the tree a little more to the right,
shorten the footbridge,
try to add a bit more dynamic to the sky
add some mist
and unperfection the feet of the bird. Looks a bit to centered.

That would be kind of Hitchcock then :wink:

Anyway, nice theme!

Lighten up the pillars where they meet the water. So they look stained and bleached where the water laps at it 24/7.