A decade of Richard Williams' Animated Survival Kit


It’s 50% off from the regular price!

If you are at all interested in becoming an animator (2d or 3d), or are wanting to improve your animation skills without spending lots of time putting yourself through trial and error and/or thousands on animation classes, or watching multitudes of YouTube channels trying to put all the pieces together, this is really the best resource out there. It’s all laid out for you on a sliver platter.

The presentation format is akin to sitting in a super-charged master-class animation course taught by Williams himself. The book is excellent, but these DVDs are something else altogether. It’s like having Richard Williams as your personal mentor here.

I got these myself around five years ago, and it saved me from spending much time and money on participating in either real or online classes (I did do one term of iAnimate before getting these DVDs, and while it was fun, I could’ve just gotten these for much less and have WAAAY more information and references).

The asking price is really nothing compared to what is on offer in this course.


For me it’s not nothing and that bums me out. I have his book and I love it, his book and Tony White’s books (who I believe studied under him) are my favourite books on animation because the hit that magic sweet spot of giving you the theory of animation and also practical how to advice.

But 300 pounds at my exchange rate and considering I might have to pay a customs tax on import is a lot. I truly wish he would consider offering digital downloads and allowing you to buy per DVD.

Look at it realistically:

  • It’s an investment. Can be sold further at anytime for roughly normal price & you profit.
  • If is of no value to you, you don’t value the skill, since this asset is just a medium of knowledge.

& I see 70% poor (living hands to mouth) simply because they’re cheap in mind and think based on their cheap mind controlled by fear, as if they can’t afford an investment in tools, skill set, food… thus adapt to accept being poor.

One who doesn’t value life, choose to suffer it.
e.g. Those who are afraid of hunger, get to enjoy obesity, the luggage of fear.

Also, in the end, you’re never alone… :wink:

or… you know how to save that money in an intelligent way while still obtaining the good knowledge by going to a library which has those DVDs readily available.

I have seen these available at libraries - perhaps ask your local library whether they have it, or could bring it in (inter-library loans).

But if you can afford a computer (with OpenToonz/Krita/Blender), and are interested in becoming a great animator, then this is really the most inexpensive investment (excepting his book). A single term of iAnimate or AnimationMentor costs WAY more, and delivers much less information. (Of course, you will not have direct feedback, but that can be solved by visiting the 11second forums).

Dang it, you’re first! :wink:

I had the same thought. Just visit your library. They have them at my local library.

I see this site no longer displays our location. I live in Namibia a huge country with a tiny population so my library will definitely not carry something like this the cost is something that they too would bulk at that price(there is zero animation or games industry here for them to even justify it). Shipping and importation tax would likely double the price for me I used to get hit with that every time I brought DVDs from Gnomon.

I still think Mr Williams or whoever runs his site should seriously think of offering digital downloads or even streaming especially in this day and age. It’s a real pity that he doesn’t because I love his book but when people like Aaron Blaise (ex Disney Animator) are offering courses that you can buy individually and for download my dollars go to him.

Maybe instead of complaining of about prices maybe I should have complained about the lack of digital downloads because come to think of it I do buy tutorials from people that offer those kind of services like Proko or Scott Robertson.


Apologies, I thought Western-centric. Indeed, it would be more difficult if you are living in Namibia. Still, now that you get 50% off, the extra postage is “free”.

I checked, and it will cost around 20 pounds to send a 1kg 50x30x30cm package to Windhoek from the UK. Even with additional costs it is still quite inexpensive compared to an online course.

Perhaps you could contact them, and they could send you digital versions? Have you contacted them?

EDIT Oops, they’re based in the UK, of course.