A declaration

Hi all,

So this is this weeks project. still very much a work in progress, and there are a few things I need a little direction on. Mostly the candle and flame. I am experimenting with the meta ball for the melted wax on the candle. However I am not completely happy with the way it’s turning out. What do you think? Is there a better way of making a candle look used. The second is the candle flame. Obviously I used a plane with an alpha, however it looks like crap. I have a point light slightly infront and above the flame. But it just doesn’t look right. Also I am planning on redoing the glasses that was a proof of concept thing too. However I would like to try and get some light shining through, and hitting the desk and map surface. I am going to simulate some folds in the map on the table top.

This was modeled and texured in 2.69 cycles, The feather is the only item I got from Blender swap, everything else was modeled by me. I also have a turkey tail feather that I originally modeled, but downloaded the one in the scene for a comparison.

So here you go I would like some feedback, good or bad. Aswell as any advice you may have to improve the scene and my limited skills.