a different kind of platformer? just a concept

this is a concept im working on while learning the BGE. having a lot of fun.
what do you think of the idea?


Looks pretty good, but I’m not quite sure of the gameplay - Are you able to move the blob freely? Does the ring come into play somehow? Again, it’s looking pretty good so far, though.

As a side-note, I think you’d get better FPS in your videos using a program like MSI Afterburner, or a similar game-oriented screen recorder (like Bandicam or FRAPS).

Hi SolarLune. I used camstudio to record this. never used any screen capture before.

the controls are moving the ball character forward/backward and side/side. the friction from the ground is pulling the character back and you have to fight that force to stay on top of the ring.

the camera is moving with the camera acuator and is random based on how the character is moving around.
this turning camera makes it harder to keep the character pointed in the right direction.

will add obstacles and scoring elements next possibly

Ive used camstudio, but its always lagy. also your game would not be considered a platformer if you just added scoring elements. a platformer is a game that involves the player jumping around to other platforms in order to reach a goal.

make the game about that blob on a conveyor belt, dodging items and such in order to make it to the end of the belt. That’s how i would do it.

Good game idea YKTG_ZX