A different type of game.....

Lets play a game called… HAS THE GAME ENGINE!! w00t w00t yay!
This was coded entirely in BLENDER!! :o :o

there are a couple rules to follow:
No work arounds
No reprograming of code
Edit: No exporting to other engines!! :< :<

  1. Has the game engine had dynamic shadows added?
  2. Has the game engine had all of its logic bricks looked over and fixed?? So they work PROPERLY and not half assed.
  3. Has the game engine improved so it can handle more than 500 polys on screen at once, and not kill the computer?
  4. Has the game engine collision been fixed to work with planes 100% of the time?
  5. Has the game engine logic brick window been made so it is easier to scroll thru when you have more than 6 logic bricks?
    6.Has the game engine been upgraded to secure my data files? Or can it still be ripped open with blender?

yep, they’re still there

well there is that issue that the collision sensor and touch sensor are essentially identical

conversion takes a while but I have a scene that gets 55fps with 3 932 160 triangles

no, collision doesn’t work with non dynamic objects

mmb pans as usual

exported exe files aren’t as easy to open

you’re questions aren’t specific enough for the answers you want
[and the tone of your post just asked for it]