A different UI for Blender on tablets?

I started thinking about this after reading this article http://kotaku.com/123d-creatures/ incase you don’t already know, its a clever app that lets you use skin-mod like modelling, sculpting, painting etc, also in the last couple of years there has been a surge of new tablets, there are now Windows 8 tablets, a linux tablet, Android etc Now before I get started I want to say that I do not have a tablet (I’m thinking of getting one but not quite yet), but I do have a smart-phone and have used tablets before, this is not a feature request, this isn’t even a proposal like my old thread on the VSE, it is just a question.

So it got me thinking, Blender as it is not exactly a tablet friendly program, infact the interface of Blender is designed to have one hand on a mouse and one hand on a keyboard (for the most part), infact using a wacom tablet still requires one hand on a keyboard at all times. None of this is necessarily bad, it works fine for Desktops and laptops, but for a tablet? When I saw the demo (here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U2ono28J_Yk) it looks pretty cool, but the problems show (Blender, big fingers and tiny screens don’t mix well) but the way it is just too complex for a tablet, what Autodesk clearly got right is keeping things simple, so it brings me to my main question; is there gonna be any work done to have a different and simplified UI option for Tablets? and will the old GSoC in regard to UI allow changes like this? (assuming it is still being worked on, haven’t heard an update in ages)