A DNA Strand

Hello all! This is a wallpaper that I am trying to make for myself.
It is inspired from the song “Better Living Through Chemistry” by Adema.
The point of it is, the DNA strand has been altered to make it ‘better’, so is made out of glass-like material and a metal-like material.
When this is complete, the background will be a bit darker, if not black, and there will be the words “Better Living Through Chemistry” somewhere on it.

I would really like to make this one good, so any Comments or Critiques would be greatly appreciated.

<EDIT:> new image!

well it looks good to me

Bigger better stronger faster. :slight_smile:

For inspiration, you might want to do a Google image search for the T-Virus, which was used in the Resident Evil movies. It’s a blue, glassy DNA helix.



My feeling is that if we want the shot to be illustrative, then we should focus very tightly on the structure of the thing and maybe make the cross-arms a little less frequent.

On the other hand, if you were trying to depict them floating in a cell, this is very nice. The use of limited depth-of-field works very nicely here.

New picture that I like alot better, posted in the first image.

Why dont you put armatures in the center of them so you can make them bend and Curve.

Enriq766: I have actually been messing around parenting them to paths, If I get anything good, I’ll post.

(I couldn’t even rig a cube, so forget a DNA strand)

well the 2nd image looks better

I think I’m going to tweak that one strand that stops mid-way through, I’ll try bending it around.
I’ll try armatures, how many do you think I’ll need? (Only messed with amroatures once or twice here)