A dock in an airborne station inside a gas giant.

Rendered with: Blender 2.37a+Yafray, comp and a little post done in photoshop.

I had this huge gyro-like structure with funnels and propellers in my head, but at the end I thought that a shot that conveyed the scale.

To tell the truth, I’m not very happy with the way the rings and the thing down right came out. It looks like a painting, despite the fact that I’m using GI and setting what I think are proper numbers for the metal (oren refl, 0.2 rough 0.3, blinn spec 0.8, hard 30, refr 4.7, raymir ~0.21.) The discombobulator sure did its job, but I don’t quite like how the material looks.

(Yeah, I’m hoping for some advice.)


ok… any chance of a piccy?

Sorry. :expressionless: Just fixed the link :smiley:

Looks fantastic! I like the painted look. Any chance we could see the image before post-pro?

FAN-tastic. Great use of colors. Very original.

BTW why the third light between the two white ones does not illuminate as the two do, no ray of light?

i really like the composition you might want to try toning down those spot halos, they look a little over beamy i suppose. also if the atmosphere was that red it would taint the “whiteness” of those lights a little.you might want to try to get some sort of red mist effect. like dust clouds.

you might want to try to get some sort of red mist effect. like dust clouds.

yeh thats what i was gonna say, a little bit of mist would really set off the gas-giant look. apart from that, this is a kick ass image! but what the hells a discombobulator?!?

wow! very good job, colors are nice i like this SF !