A dome masters rendering system - regular animation, no GE.

Hi! It’s been a long time I’ve been working on this, it’s not finished at all but I decided to post it, as it already works and then it could be useful for someone. It was born as a scripting exercise in 2.48, and then ported to 2.5. The difference between this and the existing raytraced mirror method is that it’s possible to save the alpha channel with it, and with a little bit of hacking in the script, to set the output as exr multilayer and make any kind of compositing on the pictures*. Thanks to Francisco Francisco M.Gomez-Campos, that tested it with a huge amount of patience at a very early stage. This is the file with an howto and a test scene. Please read the howto carefully if you want to try it http://www.4shared.com/file/__f75cFK/dm_online.html (*exr output has not been tested yet, but should work in theory) Cheers! Tiziana

Sorry, I dont’ undestand why the newlines are not showing (the text wasn’t supposed to be all condensed toghether like that!)

Try using plain text message composing, that fixed the problem for me.

Any chance of being able to download the file from your own site? I can’t make sense of the Asian site you’re using.

It is not an AddOn but you place it in the addons folder?

I tested it and it works.

So how do I make use of the output? It looks like what ends up in the masters folder is an angular map. But it is of such low quality that it is not of use.
It would be nice if the script somehow just made a camera with the sky cube setup. Are sky cubes any better than angular maps?

thanks for the hint about the text. For the script, I’ll ask the person that keeps our website if it’s possible to put the script on it, althougt it’s easier for me to provide fixes and updates whit a free hosting service, as I don’t have to look for the webmaster every time.
I will surely find it a better place to stay for it, as soon as it becomes a bit more stable.

At the moment, it’s in the addon folder just for convenience, as it’s a “standard” Blender folder. It’s easy to find its path with a simple Python line, that remains the same in every Operating System. Also, I intend to make it into an addon as soon as I understand how they gui stuff works.
For the map quality, you can choose at the beginning between a bunch of resolutions, from 720 (very low quality) to 4k (high quality but needs a lot of ram, time and disk space).

And about the use of the output, you need a planetarium/Dome to project it, and depending on the projection system you could also need to make it into a movie (avi or mpeg).
The masters format has a quite specific usage. It’s very well explained here:
or here
And here’s some example of structures that can make use of it.

Thanks for replying an trying it!

Hallo! I’ve finally managed to update the script, that is now hosted on my ftp space.
We have tested it very extensively while making the dome video NANOPLANET and a lot of adjustments were made. Of course the system still needs a lot of work, but is already usable. See the internal howto.pdf and the todo.txt for details.
You can find the new version on this page
The system now has a name: Blender Dome Box :slight_smile:

nice work, i’ll definitely have a closer look on this one.

i’ve written a little addon for fulldome rendering myself: http://blendertarium.ottplanetarium.org/forum/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=117 (still work in progress but very useable)

Thank you Benni :slight_smile: I’ll have a look at yours too!