A Donut

Just a donut…

That picture is making me very hungry…

You did this by adding a particle system to a textured and sculpted torus, right?

i added a fluid system and then add a displacement modifier to the deformed mesh.
and yeah, i used a particle system. i didn’t use textures, but a simple material.
all in all not very difficult to make.
ps: but delicious anyway!

looks… deliciouse… ^^



Very nice model, but i think it is a little too dimly lit (my personal opinion). Making it brighter would make it more “delicious.”

How USA guys can eat that instead this? These are Donuts here.
Oh, I just realized it was Germany. WTF?


@max11D:good idea. I will try it.
@Bao2:d’oh! I’m sorry. I was inspired by the donut of homer simpson.

Maybe just a little more light?

much of this can be done post-pro in Gimp or Photoshop or whatever you prefer.

EDIT: Hey, Jeepster, not the first, eh?