A door in the air.

Just a little something I’ve been working on.

For some reason, I can’t sculpt the grass. Ideas on why?

subdivide the plane?

They’re already 50x50

I just ended up using edit mode.

Starting to add mountains.

Added sky (I’m going to lighten it up.


did you add a particle modifier to the plane then go into particle editmode? you dont sculpt grass in sculpt mode. or did you just mean sculpting the terrain…

I meant the terrain. I don’t even know how to do particles.

Another update. Do you like it more or less with white sky?

The when I lit up the “sky” with a hemi. The whole area seemed to light up. which is good but now you can’t see that the mountains are 3D because there are no shadows. And BTW, when I was adding the hemi, I was in edit mode and I clicked add about 3 times before I realized the problem.