A Door

is just crap, so is not a bit thing, made to put on my website under construction


The first thing I thought when I saw the picture was:

%| -“hmm… nice playin’ with the light, I wonder what camera he used”

Then I rememberd that I was sent there from elYsiun:

:o -“HOLY COW! Cool!”

the link is broken

:smiley: tnkx a lot kothe
obidean open the website.
hmm the 2 links are functional for me

That is actually a very nicely rendered image. The door textures look really nice and as kothe pointed out, the lighting is really well done.

Great piece.


thankx a lot BgDM, whn i postd the image i never thought that somebody could say that it was good, :smiley:

you know what- fromt he title i wasnt actually expecting much- but this is great :smiley:

When i read the title door. I was like hmm… how good will that be?

Then after watching the door and that lighting it feels ‘godly’ good work man nice piece.

tnkx PandaChamp and Dwarfose :smiley: