a DRAGON....!!! REALY....! god you are SOOOO lame!!!

Hi I am working on an new intro for my stuff (Turoials and Video)
Of couse my name is Dracio so it has to be a dragon…


nice texturing really good stuff.

I am realy trying to push my texturing to an next level

Body sculpt

A nother Face Close up

Body Texture

I really don’t think you need to change anything regarding the textures as of now, the mapping and resolution looks about perfect already.

The modeling also looks like a very good start, however I’m noticing that the materials in the later images look a bit like plastic.

If there’s anything that needs to be done, it’s that you should apply a bit of SSS and specularity to some of the materials and perhaps make use of the AO feature to get a better ambient lighting effect. (as the mouth is almost completely dark right now).

What I can say overall, there’s some strong points as well as some weaker points, if the overall shading and lighting was as good as the textures, then the final renders will be truly amazing.

Of couse my name is Dracio so it has to be a dragon…

My name is Ace Dragon, so I tend to be attracted to Dragon threads :spin:

Yes of Couse the fist Images hasend the Bump mape and a extra shader is missing to
SSS is samething quite delekade cause it is a Intredebil Thin line betreen “I don’t see nothing” and “Too mutch”

AO is always been a Part of the Mesh but it is maby too week… maby the same way like the SSS

So Things I thad they would be Easy
WINGS Skluping tham is Hell!!!
This tock me 2 days

and this looks like nothing :frowning:

Sooo Drangon Goses on

Don’t give up you are really on good way! You can use particle system for spikes on whole body :smiley: i do that :smiley:

:smiley: dont be afaird I am way to bullish :smiley:

Dragon Wings are a very very copmlex things
I spend the hohl day reserching Bats and flying Foxes in the insternet…

Looks great so far =] Should try adding a little more roughness to the textures, or smaller scales.

is in :smiley:
try to same Alpha or tranzluceny but it looks quite doll

Ah ok. Hmmm… I think it’s because it’s shiny.

Well it is not the shiny
shiny is fine
the Proplem is the sculpt I did vor the membrane…
you are unabel to see the folding on it and the venes are gigantk is doesnd fit and have to start over the 154841534 Time :frowning:
but Tomorrow :smiley:

Sooo I Finaly get the Sculpt

i still got to redo the ditt textur layer but it is so mutch better

Finaly :smiley:

The wing textures are just gorgeous, I can easily say that part at least is right up there with the better creature models made in Blender (and definitely within reach of the quality level exhibited by the Dragon modeled for the Durian project).

Though I’m not sure if they’re supposed to look a little stretched or something or maybe that is intentional.

yes ther is 2 Parts one for the Dragon (Head, body, legs, arms and wings) and the aser one for the membrane
The reason why the Mambran is saperede from the rest of the body
and all about I wont to simulat the membran with the clothe simulater

in the beginnig of the projekt I run a view testmodels and did a big resarch about dranons and the Sintel drangons in gerals

It is very hard for a view reasons you are unabel to use the clothsim in such an case (wirde vertex senap arurnd type of thing) but i am afrait it is for sure a case I missd to test

Wings look good, are you going to add some sort of tearing or holes into them?

Quick question, do you make your own textures?