A dragon-snake

Another DVD cover. This time for Mexican travel. Working on a new one.
HAve a good time.

PS. the original render was 1538 x 2183 px.


EXCELLENT! how’d you get so much variation in the snake body - are the scales hand-modeled or dupliverts/frames? seriously man, five stars. great lighting and amazing hand-chipped stone texture too (sculpt mode?)

Cool! I like it

This is almost a crop from the original image. The scales were modelled by hand, obviously not separately but were copied in groups. The texture for color and specular is procedural and displacement is used from a bitmap. Rendering was done in Blender’s internal.


Hm, this is a very good image!!!

Look just like stone - well done!!

Very nice!

That is AWESOME!!! Love it.

That is a very good image. I really like it!

Nice job Lukasz, excellent modeling.

Nice image…I like the chunky look of the scales.

nice! that stone texture is amazing.

very nice! everything looks very cool, nice idea too!

A bit of variation on the theme to keep you entertained.


great work!!! nice render and idea men.

Nice work :).

P.S. Wysłałem Tobie prywatną wiadomośc. Pozdrawiam.