A Dream Defragged

The title was partly inspired by a famous Langston Hughes’ “Dream Deferred” poem, wherein the speaker in the poem asks, “What happens to a dream deferred?”

Perhaps one key to understanding the dream in this head lies in the negative space, but like most of my images this is open to interpretation.

On a technical note, I used a similar very involved technique here as I did in “Autumnullified,” which involves manual mesh face replication, extraction, decimation, and transformation over many iterations. Since the mesh grows vert-heavy quickly using this technique I sometimes separate portions of it along the way and reassemble parts along the way. I really enjoy the effort aspect of this though :slight_smile:

Thank you for viewing my work,


That’s a beautiful image.
I seriously can’t imagine how long you must spend on your art.
Do you exist outside blender/artists?

long time admirer. It somehow reminds me of a victim of catastrophe, bombing, nukes… maybe I have in mind those unforgettable images of 11-S people greyed by dust.

I have nothing to say about this one.


new_neo: Thanks :slight_smile: I spend as long as it takes on each project. For this one, made possile and faster by what I did for “Autumnullified,” it took around four hours (two hours one evening, two the following). Sometimes in the middle of one project I’ll get an idea for another one, so sometimes I will quickly sketch out my ideas in a blend and then return later when I’m ready for it. My life is incredibly busy and full outside of BA :slight_smile: I have made a conscious effort though in recent months to increase my attention and energy to the art I am attempting to create.

nf3: Thanks for the reply! Yes, the possible peace symbol possibly relates to what you are mentioning.

BgDM: Thanks again for being out there and checking in on my stuff :wink: Just knowing that seems to help me commit to higher standards and work harder in the long term.


uh…wow… I really am speachless. Incredible, look the feel of it.

How did you do all the little pieces? It also seems like just because you’re RobertT means they’ll be able to be amazed of what you came up with.

That could have more to do with the Professional, Highest Quality, Superb, Well thought out work that RobertT produces.

RobertT does have an excellent track record for sure. I’ll admit that.

altho it’s kind of interesting to look at…like most of your stuff…hmm how to say, maybe BgDM meant the same thing, maybe not…but my point is that it seems very repititive with your other works. Like if it was too similar.

I agree that one artist must find it style…but sometimes it might be better to try something new (I’m not saying you don’t do any innovative thing here…). What I mean is that composition wise, the majority (almost all of them) of your images are the same. A character or an object seen in front view, or a bit at a angle…with some stylising of some sort on the surface/color/lighting of that object or character.

It doesn’t look bad at all, it looks good if you want my opinion on this piece in particular…it’s just that put side to side with your thousands other image, it lose it’s “specialness”…

I’d really like to see another type of scene from you…another type of modelling…another type of lighting…another type of composition from time to time. I know I might not be the one to critique on that…but I felt like I had to tell you this.

I know you won’t take this the wrong way, so I won’t take the time to excuse myself :slight_smile:

Framedworld: Thanks :slight_smile:

Cyborg Dragon: I did the little pieces in clusters, establishing an initial mesh, subdividing at times, and then separating faces, duplicating/transforming them, many many many times over :slight_smile:

Meta-Androcto: Haha, thanks for the kind words!

Ecks: I really appreciate your thoughtful response :slight_smile: and I do know what you mean. I have different and more challenging ideas ahead of me, and while some of them may borrow stylistic elements from each other, it is definitely my intention, really my need, to make them as unique as possible, although some in a series might be more stylistically comparable than others. I never reuse lighting or materials, and I rarely reuse meshes, so it’s almost always totally new from the start regardless how it turns out. I took on lots of different subjects and styles over the past couple of years, but I know there’s more I want to create and new ways to try to create them. Each of these serious projects takes a substantial investment of life and energy, and I want them to be seriously regarded in their own right, although I accept comparisons are sometimes inevitable. I would like to see greater stylistic and topical variety amongst digital artists in general. There’s so much untapped potential in 3D. It’s important to keep challenging ourselves too. A number of my projects ahead include more technically-oriented items, so its should be interesting to see how all that works out.


I just love these latest peices you have come out with.

then why post at all???

robert - I think this one is too literal for me (the “peace” sign), although I really like the rock texture and the composition. I’d definitely be interested in how long this took and how you keep the vert count down. your explanation is a bit unclear.

Woodman5k: Thank you very much, Woodman5k. I appreciate the encouraging words.

NodeRanger: It took around four hours of constant work, and that timeframe was made possible by my experience from my previous “Autumnullified” project. I mentioned the techniques that were used in my reply above to Cyborg Dragon, using all those techniques to further develop the scene. It’s confusing because it’s not a clear-cut process, not even a process really, just constant creating and revision. (Haha, “just.”) It can get dizzying as you constantly have to move around the viewport all around the scene to make it all come alive and look just right. The resulting blend through this particular approach is very high-poly at the end, but for a static shot that will never be animated that’s no concern. Using edge and face separation techniques, and even making use of layers, smaller derived meshes contain less verts and are easier to work with in the 3D viewport, but then at certain points I rejoin some parts and work with them further for the purposes of maintaining shapes and balance. Almost all my projects are approached like this, creating something, spinning and spinning the 3D views, checking my work from multiple angles, orthogonally too, doing light and material checks throughout the project, and constant tweaking everything up until the so-called final render, and sometimes after.


I still remember some of your earlier stuff (I mean art) :). I really love to just sit and look at it.

I may even try what you have just said (take me a couple of hours to play with everything) but I really just like to sit… and stare. Calming really.

Thanks, all the best,

Cubism? Hehe :wink:

great stuff again,
love those subtle hint of colours in the image