A drink commercial

Hi, everybody!
Here is a commercial, made in our very small studio. All CG was fully done with Blender (really a great tool!).
You can watch the video only, or see this video with description at our website (in russian only for now, but with some pictures :slight_smile: ).
When project started, I used Blender 2.49, but in the end of it Blender 2.52alpha was released and the last shots was made with it.
And here is a very short video of project’s workflow (production and post-production).
I hope you’ll like it. :slight_smile:

Wow… impressive! Congratulation :slight_smile:

Cool! That actually looks very real.

Wow! How did you do that?

Thank you! :slight_smile:

Follow the last link of the post - there are a few answers. :wink:

Very, very professional. That ice material is jaw dropping. Great job!

Dude that’s sweet! I even want to try the soda! Very creative too!

This is so cool. I’ve watched it like 6 times. Great job

Thanks for the great workflow vid too, very instructive.

Thumbs up and respect! Great work, great workflow presentation.

And another reminder why you always need to watch a behind-the-scenes video to the very end …

How did you replace the blue cube with something CG? That always trips me up.

Wait, so his hands/fingers are usually actually CG in this video? It looks amazing by the way. I as well would like to try that drink now.

Thank you all for so high marks! :))

Concerning your questions — fingers at the final footage were real. CG hands needed for shadows and realistic reflections and refractions.
rvngizswt, the answer on your question can be really big, because I had to use several different softwares to make it look good. All I can recommend is to search for compositing tutorials, or watch some movies’ b-sides. In trurth, most methods and tricks I learned from the ‘making of’ movies and articles for ‘Pirates Of The Caribbean’ and ‘Transformers’. :slight_smile:

Wow this is brilliant !! Awesome job ! Thanks a lot for sharing your tricks.

cute advert and good in technicals