A drink?

Hey all…here’s another render I just finished: http://www.deviantart.com/view/31931110/

Rendered with Yafray (obviously) and a little toching up with the GIMP.

Also, sorry for the grotesquely sized watermark…but it’s on DA, and you can never be too sure

um… can you post another version without the huge watermark?

Edit: done…Increased the img size too http://www.deviantart.com/view/31931110/

The splash effect is excellent, but the liquid material looks like worcestershire sauce. Also, if you’re going to use yafray, some caustics would be cool.

Next time, host your image somewhere else (here).

It’s supposed to be blood, not wine if that’s what you’re thinking…I think it came out fairly close myself

I did originaly have some caustics, but my computer didn’t like them that much (ie. shooting photons forever), and I couldn’t get it to really match the scene, and look realistic enough

hit up some transparencey for that liquid and it would roCK!

XrQLz :stuck_out_tongue:

Firstly, the ‘blood’ needs some transparency, changes to shininess, be a bit more red.

There could also be more contrast in the colours - table and glasses currently blend together in a gray-ish mush.



in my opinion there is much a problem of lighting genericly than a caustics or not question. At the current stage, no matters if you’ve used yafray or not, because the lighting is not optimized at all, i think.

Have you tried a 3 point lighting? If so, try to tweak between the power of fill light and main light. You have a subject, the glass indeed, make him note!
Hope this help you.

Apart from the fluid material, it’s neato. Even if it is blood, it doens’t look how it should. I like the glasses and colours though (apart from the liquid)

All righty…I tried a few things to fix up the blood…added a bit of translucency to it, and more red…also added a few lights
Here’s the update: