A drum I threw together.

Rendered in Cycles. My daughter made me put the jayhawk on it. o.o

I would definitely add more samples and make the floor reflective with distortion.

I agree, turn down the ray mirror a notch on the drum, and turn it up a notch on the floor. maybe add something else too, just to make the reflection more interesting.

I fiddled with some of the shader nodes, mixing in a bit of glossy. Also added the drumsticks. Upped the power of the global lighting, too. I shouldn’t have done that so much…

Now that I’m thinking about it, I think I’ve got this thread in the wrong category. Is there a way to get this moved to Works in Progress?

You could PM a mod to move it for you.

The drumsticks texture pattern seems too big for them. Also it’s a bit hard to know what to focus on in the image, there’s a bit too much going on. I’d at least lose the groundtexture and replace it with something less dominating.