A drum kit

(SirGagarin) #1

This is my latest work – a drum kit. All moving parts are rigged (even the folded stands) - I intend to use this set in a MIDI-driven animation that I’m working on. The layout of the equipment is now a bit random, it will be corrected when the drummer character will be ready.


Previous version (yellowish cymbals):


(Robo3Dguy) #2

Very nice work :yes: Good modeling and reflections.

I like the first one the best because of the colour of the cymbals. In the others I think they are too yellow.

Good work :slight_smile:

(ave) #3

wow, nice work! I agree with robo3dguy- the first images colours are spot on

(nicktechyguy) #4

Very nice work indeed. Looks very realistic.

(jorisAR) #5

Cool! I’m a drummer myself so I really like the model and the renders.
I follow Robo3Dguy, the cymbals are sometimes a bit oo yellow.

Keep up the good work

(Richard Culver) #6

Cool. I can almost hear them as I imagine sitting behind them!

Nice job.

(atti) #7

good job, but i’m pretty sure there is no china-cymbal out there with such a shape.

rock on!

(JFinn_UK) #8

That looks great, I wish I had a kit like that :stuck_out_tongue:

(SirGagarin) #9

Thanks for comments.
I experimented a bit with the cymbal material and came up with this:
Hope this is better.

atti: I’m not sure if this was the issue, but I flattened the rim a bit. Here’s a cross-section of the china cymbal model:
I’ve got rather poor knowledge about drums (I roughly know how the drum kit look alike and who was Buddy Rich). If there are more mistakes resulting from my ignorance – point them out.

By the way, I came across such a problem:
The hard shadow appears when tangent shading is turned on. There are no sharp edges or double vertices here. Am I doing something wrong or is this a common problem?


(Negative) #10

That looks great! I love the idea of a midi-driven animation!

You might be able to fix your hard shadow by recalculating the normals outside (ctrl+n in edit mode). Other than that I don’t know.

Keep up the great work!

(yoff) #11

It looks like they are not actually resting on the ground. Otherwise it looks quite good.

(mookie3d) #12

Really good models, shaders and studio lighting. 5* from me!

(SSimpossible) #13

I agree with rozmiarek; 5* from me; just I think the cymbals should be a little more worn or dirty looking, even for a brand new set. Also, the black caps on the bottoms of the stands need some smoothing. Other than that, fantastic job! Especially for one of your first posts on the Blenderartist forums (or your first, I don’t know). How long have you been using Blender?

(Proud) #14

Incredible! So realisitc and so detailed!

(Rednaz) #15

I dont know if your going for a new look ( if so, it looks fantastic!) but if you what the drumkit to look more ‘played’ if you know what i mean, you might wanna make the cymbals looks even more bronze, so less yellow. Also maybe add a bit of filth and texture on the drum heads.


(atti) #16

yeah, that’s exactly what i meant. now it looks like one of those i had in my hand :slight_smile:
i also like the other improvements you did (like the cymbal shader).

great work!

(JoaoYates) #17

congratulations man, i find the modeling of the drumkit excellent. the materials for the bass drum and toms look amazing and will be even more impressive with a good environment around it to reflect and that would also make the cymbal shader stand out more. how do you go about animating animating the drum kit via midi…? i ask because i have modeled a guitar and as a musician would love to animate something i made. anyways congrats again on the great work

(SirGagarin) #18


Thanks for comments and for digging out this thread. I have nearly forgotten about it.
Negative: Normals are correct, so that’s not the case. The problem disappears when rendering with Ambient Occlusion turned off.
yoff: Thanks for pointing this out, I haven’t spotted it.
SSImpossible: I’ve started using Blender a year ago or so. And yep, the stands feet are more “low-poly” than they were ought to be.
Rednaz: The kit was supposed to be “straight from the shop” but I think I will try to make another, “worn out” version.
JoaoYates: See below.

The drum kit has been already utilised in some MIDI-driven animations (ex. here). If you want to see and learn more about the script written for this purpose check out this thread.