A dwarf/midget model practice

Hi all!

This is a little dwarf or something I made a good while ago. It’s my first ever human model, first time I’ve made a head, first time I’ve made a body, first time I’ve rigged a human model, first time everything.

I don’t have any plans on animating it but I gained lots and lots of experience making this model.

Render time: about 20 seconds
Polycount (without subsurf): about 4000 (with subsurf) ca 2-30000



Some vertex paint would be nice, specially on nose and ears…

well, this character was made to improve my modelling/rigging skills so I didn’t focus so much on textures. But I think I can give him a little more red nose and ears.

Nice, I like it. The face is cool (especially in the second one). Good job.