A Elysiun Website Idea about games!!!!! READ NOW!!!

I had a good idea for this webisite, i thought that the website could have a Game Chart and people post there games and people can review them and rate them and they go on the Chart at there avrage rates position so we can have an idea of what games are GOOD to be downloadind and playing and what games are not so good i think this would be a good idea…

P.S–It would also give people making games a goal to aim for, beating the best game at the top of the chart makeing a range of game to play :smiley: :smiley:


Sorry i missed an option out on the poll soz…(No)…lol


This is the wrong forum, this should be in “Elysiun Website & Forum”.

Yeah i know i forgot about that then i noticed it when i finished the thread but what do u think…

You don’t need any such redundant chart. If a game is really good, people will talk about it, download it, and play it all on their own. There is no need for anything such as this chart.

I vote NO. Edit your initial post and add the no option, if you want this to even be taken seriosly.

it doent let me edit the poll :frowning:

:wink: Well I say go for it (shouldn’t be too hard to setup). Probably not a lot of people would use it unless you get a lot of traffic on your site anyways. Still a pretty good resource to have. Hmm… I remember some blenderhead had a compilation of rated blender games, but forgot what the link was…

Jason Lin

Ok cool thanks for the support but i was wanting it on this website as i cant set up my own im not very good at it and all the free hoastes and website builders arnt very good lol and i dont think a free hoast and builder would allow me to set up somthing like this.

And if its on thins website it would be used more anyway…thanks…

I need an admin or a Mod or whatever to look at this and think about it :smiley: :smiley: