A face BASED on my photos - Not my real face ;)

Here’s the first try with edge loops:

Advanced with the work:

Added some armatures to make simple face animations:

C&C pls!

looks pretty good, but nothing special. You seem to make the classic mistake of making it too small in front. The face gets too much of a point.
On another note, those aren’t edgeloops. Edgeloops are supposed to represent the muscles and flesh of faces, bodies, etc. This means that the model would have a similar stretching and transforming as a real face. This isn’t the case in your model. You’ve just used circular edges without knowing what they’re for.

hope that doesn’t sound too harsh :s

  • Bentagon

lol, man - this is the first time I’m getting to know the real definition of edge loops. I just thought it was something mhmm… I don’t know - I’ll say it like this: To make organic modelling easier.
And no, it wasn’t harsh, it was helpful, thanks for “straightening” my mistake,
I know it’s not a special project, just another face and I’m making to learn Blender.
THX again,

This is a good illustration of edgeloop layout , and the animation shows nicely why you want to put the lines where they are.


I wish I could credit the animator, but I have long ago forgotten where I got this.