A face each day


Seeing that my modeling skills just weren’t good enough,
i decided to do a face every day, to learn it right.
I’ve done ten until now, and i’ll upload the new ones
to this thread (maybe 2-5 ones at the time).

Please note, these are in no way perfect works.
Most of them are done in 20-30 minutes, and with little to no tweaking.
That being said, you can of course be as critical as you like.

I you have some reference, i’ll be happy to do requests.

Until the next face comes, please comment
on the ones in the header, if you feel like doing so;).
( I’ll upload a more high-res render of the header sometime soon)


ill add an image below here, from time to time. They are, however, mostly not recent.


Keep it up, looking pretty good.

You should try changing the mouths a little, make one smiling more, or sad, give them more expression. Good job, good idea.

Good idea. I like the caricatural design. Is this poly modelling only or you sculpted some of them?

Hey, this is a really neat idea! I might copy it sometime and do some faces, heads, bodies, whatever
myself :wink:

Your work so far is looking really good!
Do you start from the same mesh/ set of edge loops every time you make a face (no pun)? Or do you place the edges anew every time?

I think I’d do it from the same mesh - but in regards to learning placing them from scratch might be better.

I start from scratch each time, and as a result get vastly different edgeloops :smiley:
I’ll probably have to look into doing it the right way each time…

Anyways, thanks alot for the comments, im glad you like it.

really cool idea for trainig !! keep on!! :slight_smile:

wow thats kool

Very nice project to learn!

I’d suggest posting them in order when you make such a header. So we can critics on your progress.

These are great! If you are doing this to learn, you will probably get more useful crits by showing the wires. Keep it up

They actually are in order on the header.
I think so anyway… :confused:

I haven’t sculpted on any of them.

alright, i’ve started on the next ten faces.

I’ve used an AMAZING skin shader, from
the blender open materials repository,
that can make any model look quite good :).


This is a great way to learn! Best thing you can do is just keep modeling head, after head, after head. Starting from scratch like you’re doing is also good, it makes you redo your edgeloops every time so they keep getting better and better.

Your loops on the last head look really good. You’ve pretty much got the cartoon style down but how some more realistic ones now? :wink:

Only a suggestion:

You should take all of these models to the next level. I tried doing something similar to what your doing I did 10 random things a day till I figured out I was wasting my time. I did the same as you, bust them out as quick as possible. What did I end up with? The ability to work very quickly producing a BASE mesh. I never took them much further so my “artistic” abilities with blender stayed the same.

If you stay on this same course, without doing further studies or going further with these, at the end you’ll wind up with 100 heads that all look terrible without the skill needed to take them to the next level…because you never took the time to get there.

I suggest redoing all of these heads (you can start at where you are now) and make them…better. After 10 of your BEST EFFORT heads (regardless of how they look), not only will you be quicker, but you will start to improve these models visually. After a hundred best effort heads, you’ll be able to bust out good looking heads in your sleep (not literally…but you get the picture)

This is a potential problem, depending on the head your making, but all of yours are basic human heads and should have (at least) basic edgeloops that are very similar…not vastly different. Like I said, busting out 10 per day is good practice…but its only practice with the tool. Work on your eye and the tool you use doesn’t really matter.

Those look great! I could never do that. You said you were open for requests right? Im looking for a low poly zombie head. Do you need a reference for that? If you do Ill try and find a good zombie head. Or draw one.

mr_bomb and housearrest
You guys are getting me a little confused :spin:

I would like to stress though, that i do not
“burst them out”. I do of course put work into
these faces. I just do not spend the ages i
usually do, fixing minor problems.

Well, i guess i’ll keep going.
I feel like i’m getting better…

Anyways, new face.
I’ll wait until the weekend, before posting the next update,
though i might post the requested zombie head before that.



This is the new update.
The one on the far right, is proog from elephants dream
(though, i modeled him myself of course)

I’m sorry that i haven’t done that zombie thing, ill get to it.
Wires are soon to come.

I would really appreciate feedback.

Due to the amazing amount of comments :stuck_out_tongue:
(no hard feelings of course)

i decided to do another couple of faces,
including the requested zombie face.

if you still wanna have the head, please post in the thread,
and ill upload the .blend

EDIT: Its uploaded, go nuts :wink:
Its under a creative commons 3.0 license.
If you use it, please attribute it to “TobiasDN”

I would be happy to hear any kinds of comments,
if you feel like dropping one by.


zombie.blend (156 KB)

Yes please, I would still like it.
The latest ones look great.

This is a very cool idea - good luck! I don’t know enough to critique, but it looks good for speed modeling!