A face(Updated 16 times,last update in page 3)

Well my previous attempt at modeling a man’s head ended as a failure.

Well I decided to start a new one

Here you can see the starting wires

Please post your C&Cs

looking good so far, better then I have done. Some things I see right away are the nostrols, and the croch of the lips need a little work. As well as the inside part of the eye (nose side) needs to be inset a little more. Keep it up! =)

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Update 1

Thanks I will improve them

Yes I used the same tut as the old one.You can find it here https://blenderartists.org/forum/viewtopic.php?t=21066

I think that this stage is very important for the details
so if you see something you don’t like please tell me to fix it.

Here is the new wire(I have added the other half of the face to make it easier for you find crits.I added some lloops


It looks like the bottom of the nose needs to be lower (closer to the lips) and the nostrils need to flare out more.

Seems to have a very small jaw, I’d say add a little meat to the sides of the face, or maybe it’s that his chin is too long. The space between the upper lip and nose is too big and the the obvious fact that it’s two halves, not a very smooth transition, but you’ll fix that when you join the two halves. =) Keep it up!! B)

I agree with that upper lip is a bit misplaced.

Here’s a couple nice tut links in case you need them:

Nice ear tut:http://apieceofstring.com/kos/tutorials/ear/ear_tutorial.htm

Nice eye tut:http://web.pdx.edu/~wlf/tut.html

Update 2

OK I tried to move the lips up
worked on the nose a bit
played a bit with the loops
I also turned on orthographic in front view & camera
Opened eye edge a bit

So here he isPlease post your C&Cs

Update 4

Now I tweeked almost everything

Please post your C&Cs


Update 4

I am using a reference pic now
I have worked on the lips & especially on the nose
I have also worked in the eyes

Here is the new update


Update 5

Worked again on nose ,lips, eyes…

Here is also the first a render


& Here is the new wire


Please post your C&Cs

You are on the right path here. The geometry of the face is looking good.

Those bottom chin edgeloops will be better angling into the neck rather than joining under the chin. This will improve the flow of the face.

The top of the eye meeting the brow is wrong. The flatness of the ref is decieving you here. Make the brow higher near the centre and angle it so that it is level with the eye loops just past the corner of the eye at the outside.

You have reached a stage where you might want to use the refs a little less and focus on making the face look right from all angles, even if it means a slight misalignment with the refs (all refs are distorted by the lens that took them).

More vertex pushing is in order to increase the spacing between some bands at points, and close others up in order to lose some of the creases and create other, more correct, ones.

Keep going. This looks a good mesh to work with.


Update 6

Worked on eyes , nose & cheecks

here is the render

& here is the wire


Please post your C&Cs

Update 7

Worked on th cheecks & eyes

What should I improve now ?
Should I bring the nose more up ?

Here is the wire

Here is the new render

Please post your Comments &Critics

If you look at your most recent overlay on the mans side profile, you’ll see that you did not completely capture his lower lip, and when you see your mesh mirrored, the lower lip looks too flat IMO. Perhaps just pull that out a bit. I’d love to see you add in the forhead and top of head too.

Update 8

Worked on eyes.
Played with nose a bit.
worked on cheeks.
worked on lower lip(Khnum I didn’t pull it out to much because I didn’t like the result)

Well I think he looks better now !

What should I improve next ?

Here is the new render


Here is the new wire


Please post your C&Cs

as long as your happy with it I’m fine :wink: but it still looks like he’s sucking his lip in.

I 'll try to fix it.What about the rest of the face?

waiting to see the rest of it constructed, everything else so far looks good, still needs the upper eye fold (epicandral sp?) and the eye lids themselves, eyes, scalpe, etc. Perhaps a little more tuck in the back of the nostrols. But everything else is good. :smiley:

Update 9 (Whole head)

Here is the whole head

Also worked a bit on eyes

Here is the render:

& here is the wire

Please post your C&Cs