A Fairly Boring Scene Involving Many Pens

As the title indicates, this is more of a study as opposed to a major project – just something new to do after having worked on that church for a month:eek:
Served the purpose of testing a few features in the latest build as well.

EDIT: Mod(s), could this be moved to the tests forum please? Thanks. And sorry, it won’t happen again.:wink:

That’s some serious post pro fx you have there sir.
Also I couldn’t help but laugh at the title of the thread. You sure started off on a high note!

Overall it’s not bad. But lose the wacky blur you have going.

The lighting is very moody and contrast. I like it!

Did you accomplish the blur using a physics simulation?

HA, the blur is pretty whack.

You seem to have some banding issues on your cup, and some serious(purposeful?) graniness on the table… The pens could probably use some kind of texture…

In fact(Brain Blast) what if you had the cup and pens be brushed steel, and use HDR maps for blurred reflection? That’d be cool beans.

Oh, and tip: For lighting setups, a nice lightly orange-red light with blue back lights(In a 3 point setup) can add a lot of warmness to an otherwise harsh emotionless white scene.

Peace out(cue Bigbad to let you know that this belongs in the test forums)

redbyte: Thank you for the reply. Personally I like the wacko blur – it brings out the general crappyness of the rest of the scene.
And I’m glad you think an area light is moody.:slight_smile:

PlantPerson: Yes I did. I cheated. :slight_smile:

free_ality: Howdy. Thanks for the crits, although I’m not sure this mediocre collection of pixels deserves an update.

As you can see I’m in a weird mood, and for some reason enjoy making fun of my own work right now. Probably because the only reason I really did this was to do something different. So not much thought went into it. Heh. This should be in the tests forum.

haha nice title

title made my day.
nice pens ^^

Nice job, i really like the lighting.
Just so you know your an inspiration to me for projects!

Wait a minute, how many times have i seen the word “boring” in a WIP and FP post title?

I don’t think that’s cheating. Physics simulation is one of the tools available. And, hey, Pixar used tons of motion sim in Ratatouille, for whatever it’s worth.