A fairly detailed ogre bust...

Hello there, I started using Blender earlier this year and basically started to get into 3D quite seriously in general. I’m still pretty overwhelmed by everything in the field, but I’m pretty much just focusing on modeling and texturing and sculpting, since these are the aspects of 3D I most enjoy. I am, however, trying to keep my topology nice for animation and rigging purposes.

Anyway, as for this ogre, its a fairly simple design, but quite detailed. I sculpted it in Zbrush as a way of learning that program, retopologised it, and converted the details to a normal map to apply on a lower poly mesh. I also made a diffuse map (obviously) and specular map.

Yeah, the texture stretching in some places suck… I dont think I’m going to be able to fix it on this thing too easily though, but better luck next time for me I guess. I need to figure out how to map UV’s better, so if anyone has some useful tips, that’d be great…

Something I haven’t applied in this render, and which I’m having a lot of trouble with, is subsurface scattering… I know what it’s supposed to do if done successfully, but all I’m getting is the texture gets less detailed and darker and I guess it gets a little waxier looking. I’ve tried looking for info on this and have played around a lot with the settings, but I just dont get it, are you supposed to use a translucency map to get like the ears or something to let some more light through? Sorry for being such a noob, but I’d really appreciate some help on that.

Also sorry for typing a mini autobiography…


i think the side of his head is way to dark, the dramatic lighting is nice but its just a little overpowering and you cant see the details that well

Yeah, I see what you mean, thanks for pointing it out I’ll play around with the lighting a lot more.

Ok, I adjusted my lighting setup a little and I definitely think it’s looking a bit better now. Not AS dramatic, but clearer at least! :o

In the second pic, you can see I tried some subsurface scattering. I think I figured it out a bit more, I mainly just set the “Col” value down a lot so that the main diffuse insnt drastically altered. I’m also getting some nice red coming through the ears, which is what i was looking for. The materials do seem a little more blurred though, even having the “Tex” value at 0. I guess that’s just what the old SSS does…


have you tried using the preset SSS examples? i think theres milk, skim milk, 3 skins, a few more liquids and such… they should get you some results…they are selectable in the SSS panel

Yeah the one I rendered uses a modified version of the skin 2 preset I believe. I dont know if any of the others would work too much better but I guess I can play around with them too…

The important thing for me was just to get the reddish glow through the thinner parts without making the whole diffuse map red, and I managed to get that by just setting the “Col” value really low and appropriately adjusting the scale value.

Added some hair… I think I’m pretty much done with this dude now… I’ll render a rotation video of him soon though, but its gonna take a while cause the render time is real slow now!


Ok a bunch of things have been added and changed:

  • Worked on the lighting some more so that the shadows are less dark and added a nicer rimlight on the right.

  • Chest looks a little more realistic now cause i softened the skin pores and added some goosebumps.

  • Added hair (takes hella long to render but oh well!

  • Added a bone necklace.

So yeah I think its pretty much done now, unless anyone has some major critique. If not then I’ll probably render a video of the bust rotating and put it on youtube.


I like your sculpting and texturing work with the exception of the veins on the torso. I think they are over the top and a bit distracting. The ogre’s face has a lot of character and the hair works really well. The sss presets in Blender are not great for getting really convincing results, have you checked out the sss tests thread?http://blenderartists.org/forum/showthread.php?t=121552

Maqs has posted a couple of blend files towards the end of that thread. The key to getting good results is in the texture maps, these can be derived from your colour map in Gimp or PS and there are a few good examples in that thread. Lack of a good skin shader is the main element that is preventing your character from looking first class. Your doing great for a guy who has been doing 3d for less than a year, keep up the good work.

Thanks for the critique. I don’t really think the veins are too over the top, though. The character IS a little stylised and not human. Even looking at body builders in references their bulging veins aren’t very far off from this.

On the skin shader though, thanks for the link and the tips, I’ll definitely try and improve that… that is if i manage to understand that thread… :frowning: its all still so complex! But I’ll definitely try my best!

Hmm… yeah wow… I haven’t even used the node editor in blender I think its gonna be months before I figure out what those folks are even talking about in that thread… sigh

Well you don’t really need to know that much, just download one of the .blend files with the skin shader and append it into your own scene and add your own textures. It’s a good bit more straight forward than you might imagine, if you google blender material nodes you’ll find some basic tutorials on the subject.

Haha yeah that discussion just overwhelmed me a bit there. But yeah, I’ll try and check out some tutorials to get the hang of the basics. Just when you think you’re sorta getting the hang of things you discover you actually know almost nothing yet! Haha. :o

Thanks for your tips though I really appreciate it.

Ok I sorta figured out how to use material nodes now and tried to apply the really simple skin shader the OP of that other thread posted but… it just rendered retardedly slow so i couldnt really test it out :frowning:

I’m just gonna finish up this head and move on to other things and perhaps develop my node material skills on simpler stuff first.

this looks verry good, keep us updating !