A False Hope - coming along pretty good...

Micah King(micah702),Mokazon, Viper650
Game designers:
Micah King(micah702), and a little bit Mokazon
Micah King(micah702), Alamkira
Viper650, Minifig
Logic Bricking:

Go to page two to see my game in .blend format.

Credits in order of help:
Micah702 and Mokazon

Special thanks to:

- Blendenzo, who helped me figure out the physics :slight_smile:

Linkxgl - helped me with a rig

Latest update: http://filebin.ca/uyyrtm/Afalsehopelandscape.blend

My file size for my game is too big, does anyone know what I do?

Upload it to mediafire.com

Did you select the “compress file” option in blenders file menu?

Hey, I got it :slight_smile:

You didn’t pack your textures, and the shading appears to be off. Also, it’s standard practice to show screenshots so people know what they’re downloading beforehand. : )

I tried the game. What is the goal?

Edit: I mean the final goal of what you’re trying to make.

Yes, I don’t have a “goal” yet. You can just go around looking for stuff. I will add pictures and try to fix the texture problem. :slight_smile:

I fixed the texture problem, and here is a pic…


The texture problem can be solved by going to file>External Data>Pack Into .blend File

http://filebin.ca/ohfwtk/screen1.tga - here is a photo :slight_smile:

I fixed textures. :slight_smile:

erm, can you attach the screens to your posts?

why? can’t you download it?
Anyways, I’ll attach one anyways(that’s sort of redundant)
actually, I won’t - There is an “invalid file type” :frowning: :ba:

Try a jpg or png.
I can’t see the image either:no:

Its easier if you attach it.


Now called “A False Hope”, this game I updated since yesterday. I created a menu, bounds, sounds and more. Enjoy!


you have fixed some major bugs and glitches well done !

Thanks, I was helped a little by Mokazon :slight_smile:

I will add him to the list of team members if he models the human I asked him to.
Does anyone else know how to model humans?
I need help :slight_smile:

Mokazon, you are on the team now :slight_smile: