A familiar face...

Ever wondered where theeth’s avatar came from? :wink:

His name is Shannon Cathule, and he is one of the main characters in the anime series “Scrapped Princess.” I recently finished watching the (excellent) series, and I wanted to Blend this awesome character.


Nice! can’t wait to see him with legs!

gOoD mOrNiNg tHeEth

Anime in blender.
drool… drool…
So far so good man.

absolutely wonderful! i love anime and i love blender… i am suddenly tempted to try my hand at the mixture…

also, i think this would make a greeeaaatt game model… maybe you could modify him to avoid copyrite laws then make an anime stylized game?? (just wishful thinking)

Updated - limbs!

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Lookin good. Nice toon shader. Dunno about the edges though. But the model is coming along great. Can you render it without the toon shader, just out of curiousity?