A Fangirl-Focused-Fanart Project

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You have to take into consideration that creating a character’s head is basically the same as creating a normal human head. The only difference between the two is the amount of edge flow you are willing to use and how you use your textures for the model. Can you provide a picture of the model in wireframe (edit) mode?

Haha, i just wanted to recommand Daniel Kreuters tutorials but than i saw that you’ve already mentioned him. Yeah, the nose and the chin needs to be thinner and overall it looks too much like a real face. Also you need some toon shading to make it look more like anime/manga. Daniel Kreuters stuff is amazing, so here is a Daniel Kreuter quote: “Just look at reference. For example Manga figures, these are perfect for learning” :wink:

Why are you afraid of using the sculpt tools, or are the people making tutorials afraid of sculpting and are instead consistently teaching people outdated character modeling workflows.

Blender has the very excellent dynamic topology sculpting tools that are quick and easy to pick up and learn and very good for conception and exploring different artistic directions. When you sculpt first and then worry about topology later you are taking a very complex large problem and splitting it into two smaller ones that are easier to deal with.

Sculpting first allows you to focus and worry about the artistic side of things first. You are focused on solving proportion, form and shape problems when you are done with that and like how your sculpt looks you then go into re-topology.When you are in retopology all that you are worried about is creating good edge flow, that if you are going to animate will articulate well and shows as few shading issues as possible.

Right now what you are doing is fighting a war on two fronts along with creating your topology you have to ensure that the proportions, form and shape are correct at the same time which is a pretty tough thing to do.

P.S. When you are posting work of this nature always post wireframes

If you had said it was a cartoony character, I would not have any crit.
But since it is supposed to be anime, then :

(1) Nose is too round from the side view

(2) Chin is too protruding and too wide.

(3) Anime characters have small mouths and thin lips.

(4) Anime characters have smooth face. For example, no prominent cheek bones.

Even if you are making an African ( I think you are ), you should consider the above points. It is anime, not real human, after all.

Ooh, another anime style character! I like these, there’s always something to learn.

This is definitely a good base, but it does need some work. Since freeDNA above pretty much listed everything that needed fixed, I’ll just throw in my advice based on their list.

1). The nose of anime characters (especially from the side) is rather pointed, which I can guarantee will look weird when it isn’t shaded correctly, since noses aren’t typically pointy. The pointed nose is difficult to get right without it looking too pointed.

2). The chin is certainly too wide, but it could work being as protruding as it is, as it fits the general silhouette for an anime head, but it does need to work a bit better as it heads towards the neck.

3). Very important, anime characters (or at least, most styles of anime) have very small mouths and thin (sometimes essentially nonexistent) lips. This depends on what style you’re going for, but small mouth and thinner lips is pretty much the standard.

4). Most anime characters do have a smoother face but there are still a good amount where they do have discernible cheek bones (though not by much, just enough to offset the roundness). Again, this is a choice that’s based on the style you’re going for.

Good luck!

Edit: Also, something to bring up here is the silhouette. Your side silhouette is, for the most part, very good. Your front silhouette, however, is a little boxed, smooth out the top a bit.

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looking good so far! :slight_smile: i’m currently learning human topology and it’s a lot of fun modeling characters.
Do you have any plans as to what type of render/look you want Sora to be? Such as the realism of Final Fantasy Advent Children or a toon shader/2d anime look?

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Looks good so far!

It looks like it’s coming together very nicely! Good job! :slight_smile:

very impressive! :smiley: your topology is good. keep up the good work!

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When you get a chance, upload an image of the topology of the head.

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The topology is pretty soild. The edge loops around the eyes, nose and mouth is a clear indication that creating facial animations will be easy to create.

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Nice WIP. :smiley: Haha, I had to laugh when you mentioned how awkward it is to model private parts. Well, as an artist you’ll get over it pretty fast anyways. :wink:

Mmm, you should ruin it with hands because I think if you tackle that down, feet should be more straightforward since they share similar topology if I recall right.