A fantastic test flight flick with real-time shadows & shadders by Mr. Martinsh


Just a wip show-up :slight_smile:



It’s all made with BGE :yes:

Looks beautiful!

awesome ocean with reflections and depth and the atmosphere and clouds, despite no scattering. Too bad not much of a landscape.

playing from those wild viewing angles would mean certain death… :yes:

lovely stuff

and as usual if you put great art and a lot of hard work in - you can get great stuff out of the Blender Game Engine

Fantastic job !!

nice ocean shader.

absolutely superb! The sea is great.

Super! It would be great to see. blend file.


Thank you for your feeedback.

The 2D/3D artist, Mr. Martinsh, is working with the demo .blend file.

While waiting it, lets look something, which puts the air-plane nuts head to spin: