A Fantasy Character

Please find attached a render of a Fantasy Character I made. It was intended to be fan-art, and I shared it yesterday and was told by many people that my work was verbatim “bad, ridiculous, unbearable.” So I am a bit disheartened and hoping to improve. I had more images to show but apparently new users can only post one, so I have just included the bust.

I think you got something wrong, those were just “bad, ridiculous, unbearable” comments :wink:
There are some nice details, not too bad proportions, texture and lighting… so all together: nice for a first post.

Agree with Okidoki. It’s a very good 'start" of an effort. Materials, the lace stuff, and head and shape face is good. The lace very good.

But given that this is in the focused critique thread, that means you’re asking for advice and giving recommendations. Thats the purpose of this forum. So, given that’s also your ojective, I’ll provide some steps.

  1. What’s the goal of the work, if there is one.
  2. Do you have a reference photo you’re working from? If so, please post.
  3. Post a full Front and Full profile of your work - Without clothing or jewelry. No color shots needed, Either grey or sculpting red color for the working shots. No back ground or white background only. These are essential for making accurate recommendations.
  4. lighting should provide some shadowing to help determine facial geometry, and bone structure.

Just my two cents

You need to study some anatomy. The neck is long and fat like a stump. Where the jaw joins the ear is also quite weird. Jaw also lacks a substantial amount of underside. Just touch it youself.