A Farm Landscape

Decided I was going to mess around with the cloud generator, and ended up making a little scene. I like where it’s going and want to make it more interesting. Any ideas? It’s modeled after a place I used to hang out when I was growing up.


5 *'s from me also. I like the nice clean image, there’s plenty of space to let the view place his/her own ideas. As far as I am concerned, this is a completed piece.

Edit: The dark airbrush on top is out of place, about the only thing I could criticise.

Yeah the dark thing on top, and i think the image is a bit hazy, maybe take the fog or whatever it is away a bit.
Otherwise it is awesome!
Oh yeah, it reminds me of this image…http://vimeo.com/5375898

Those are clouds you guys…

I think we picked that up but you should at least lighten them, or remove them.

I’m still working my way through learning cloud creation. The one that’s there isn’t indicative of what I want the final to be like, I just need to continue tweaking it to get the look I want. Thanks for the rest of the kind words though! I’ll keep it updated.

The grass and tree look really good. Can’t wait to see the clouds once your done tweaking them.

The clouds are perfect. I can’t tell you how many times during my childhood when it would rain or storm in the afternoon and the weather would move off in the evening just in time to see a scene just like that. Well done.

Looks awesome!!! I think DoF would enhance the render quite a bit, give it a even more realistic feel. Can you ease down the roughness on the particle grass without changing the look much(?), it’s kinda disproportionate, too much changing direction at sharp angles.

The cloud generator is good for clouds but usually only if they are lit properly (has to do with the texture settings), with the composition you have there you want some wispy type hang offs and stuff (??). If you are using point density (which I know you are since you’re using the generator) just turn on the turbulence under the point density texture and mess with the settings until you get what you like!!
I have some great settings for photo-realistic clouds with point density settings I be happy to share if you can’t get what you want out of the generator.

Great works so far, can’t wait to see the end result!!

Thanks a ton for the info on tweaking the clouds! I’d love to see some of your settings for nice looking ones.