A Fear of Flight

What do you do when flying makes you nervous, but flying’s all you got?

Hi-res version

So hey. I’ve been using Blender for years now, but this is the first piece I think is worthy of being considered a finished project. Originally started out as a fanart of the character Psycho from a comic called Misadventures of Okk. Kind of morphed into its own character, guess this is more of a derivative of psycho than psycho exactly at this point.

Brian Raddatz (Misadventures of Okk author) is a cool guy. He agreed to release the .blend file under the Creative Commons Attribution Sharealike 3.0 license. This isn’t the scene, but the character + rig.

Hope you enjoy.

Cool – I’ve never seen this guy. I like his expression. The model looks a lot like a painting; why not add some textures and stuff? Maybe some sort of background?

/ Mats

This character work fine about any short/ full movie.
the render is cool, I think Mats Halldin is right on the texture and other pointing.
Dude the topic is at the center! :no:
yes the expression is nice, I like the lighting.
overall 4 stars.

Mats: I’m glad you think it looks like a painting… that means those two or so hours of postproduction weren’t a total waste. :wink:

The character is actually fully unwrapped in the .blend file. It wouldn’t be too difficult to texture the guy, but what I already had in the vertex paint seemed fine enough since I wanted to do most of the texturing in postpro. The original render did not look much like a painting, took lots of GIMP burn/dodge/smudge.

If I do an animation with him I’ll certainly actually texture him, for real.

And background? There is a background! It’s just hand drawn :slight_smile:

fahassani: Glad you like it! And yes, might do some animations with him. Who knows…

As for the character not being centered, you’re probably right. I wanted some space at the bottom to make it clear through the composition his nervousness of being in the air, but I probably at least should have left a smidge of room between the top and the top of his wing. Ah well.

all technical stuff aside, good cartooning. :slight_smile: he is very cute.

What do you do when flying makes you nervous, but flying’s all you got?

Then you’ve got to do what you ought to. :slight_smile:

Great piece, btw.

Carbonflux & reynante: Thanks. I’m glad you like it. :slight_smile: