A feature i wan't which isn't in Blender

A fast and powerful post fx Depth of Field for the compositor, where you click and maybe an AI works out the depth or however it works and then applies a nice realistic DOF blur to it. Rather than having to do this process manually with a lot of messing about or with photoshop. I think some of the modern cell phones can do this with their post fx where you just touch and it adds fake DOF.

The reason being is to generate realistic strong DOF during render i need an insane amount of samples especially if im using denoising as well, in order to eliminate patterning and artifacts and just get realistic DOF. it’s certainly impossible in under 1,000 samples.

you could enable a mist pass and use it as the mix fac in a gaussian blur.

I’m not sure if you are meaning just the compositor, but for the normal renders I find that the DOF works extremely well. But, this is coming from me as a cinematographer, now working in 3D, and I have a good grasp on focal lengths needed to achieve desired DOF (I’m not saying that you don’t).

Adjusting the proper camera settings and having it give me pretty accurate DOF has been a pleasant surprise after switching over.

As for the digital algorithms used by the phone industry… they seems extremely poor in comparison.
I will note that I haven’t tried many shallow DOF shots in Blender, yet and you maybe mentioning the scenarios where Blender’s algorithms fail at that task. :smiley:

I’m actually interested in hearing the thoughts about the weaknesses Blender’s focal length system, so I can work more efficiently with it in the future.


(Adjustments to Sensor size, Focal length, and your F-Stop will allow you to achieve proper DOF)

Here’s a sample I did a few weeks ago with maybe 250 ish samples.

Note that the the problems these phones have occur because they are most likely using parrallax and sharpness to estimate depth in a picture, whereas a renderer can provide 100% accurate depth information, so arguing that an algorithm for compositing would have the same quality as a phone when it comes to dof blur wouldn’t really be completely justified.

I agree. I was just commenting on the OP’s post… he wanted Blender to have DOF like the cell manufactures. :slight_smile:

Im confused with everyones responses here so far. Hes after a compositor node which does DoF?

This is available right now using the defocus node. The Z input should be 0 at where you want it to be totally sharp and linear going out from there. you can manipulate the depth pass to achieve the result.