a ferrari car

(kos) #1

a ferrari here:dkltr2002.tripod.com/ferrari.jpg.a bit of finishing is yet to be done.suggestions needed to make it more realistic :-? .

(kino) #2

even with cut/paste i cannot see your image :frowning:
and i want see it i remember the T-REX
a html page will really help



(kos) #3


(rwv01) #4

Try drag-and-drop :wink:

Nice job on the Ferrari kos!
I love the detail inside.

(kino) #5


a simple text file with

<img src=ferrari.jpg >

(kino) #6

before i have tried d/d but not work
now yes dont know why???

cool really nice
the detail are all modeled?


(rwv01) #7

That’s Tripod…

(CurtisS) #8

Very cool!! One of my favorite models!! The body reflections look a little flat, maybe a little EnvMapping or chrome-type texturing would help. Nice work.

(Xtra) #9

Really great! But it could need some envmaps. I never tried to model a car. I think it’s very complicatet. I guess you worked with subdiv surfaces?


(digitalSlav) #10

very nice! would like another view though closer to eye level. no mirrors on the mirrors??

(killdallu) #11

thats great! really nice… i love the interior and the camera angle…the edges on the doors and such seem too soft and bubble exturded like?? id like to see some sharp edges =D great job

(0ptikz) #12

Hi Kos,

Beautiful modeling on the Ferrari, It looks A1 so far - The only criticism I have is the fact that I can’t see enough of it :o Any chance of some bigger pics and from different angles?

I was so intrigued by that model that I checked out your site to look at some of your other work, but couldn’t find any :frowning: Other than that the site looks simple and elegant.

Oh and one more thing - I hit the About me link in your site - Is that picture really of you? if so Wowza! We need more blenderheads that look like that :wink: Kudos on liking Nirvana as well…

In short, I want to see some bigger pics!

(shibbydude) #13

Very good modeling and accurate coloring. I like the headlights a lot. The only thing that would make it look better is ome good reflections.

(Ecks) #14

very nice job kos!

BTW: Madcow, he didn’t work on is site I think, I have a site on tripod (xwarriorblender.tripod.com) and this image in about me is there by default and all other text in the section too so.

So yea show us bigger pic of this cool car! :slight_smile:

(0ptikz) #15

Eeep! Well I guess it was just a case of wishful thinking! It would have been nice to have a real sexy Blenderhead amongst us, don’t you think? :wink:


Hurry up with those Higher resolution pics already, I want to drool over them :smiley:

(kos) #16

about the pic thing i don’t know whose pic have you seen :-? …surely it’s not me.i did not design the site at all.i just booked it only to show my artwork.i knew a lot of criticism will be on the car’s reflection.i became too tired to make another scene with some indoors and then use env-maps.i tried to env map just there but as the world outside the car is totally dark the env-map looks very ugly.may be some other time.and about the mirror thing it contains mirrors and reflections but is indistinguisable from that angle.more pics will follow soon.